Executive Board

Public Relations Student Society of America – Southeast Chapter 





Executive Board for 2017-2018


Megan Goessling, P
resident,  is serving as the PRSSA-SE Chapter President for 2017-18. She is a senior this year and will graduate in May with degrees in Mass Communication: Public Relations and Spanish, with minors in Anthropology and Political Science. She oversees all chapter activities and relationship building with our members. As president, she is responsible for communication among the Southeast campus and PRSA St. Louis.



Gabby Darnell, Vice President of Professional Development, is serving as Vice President of Professional Development for PRSSA-SE. She is a senior this year majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in public relations and a marketing management minor.  Gabby is responsible for arranging guest speakers, organizing agency tours and coordinating travel for the entire chapter.


Theresa Pisciotta, Associate Vice President of Professional Development, is a sophomore majoring in public relations with a minor in sports managment. She assists the Vice President of Professional Development in arranging guest speakers, organizing agency tours and coordinating travel to conferences. She is also involved with Tri Delta and Southeast Homecoming Committee.


Aaron Wendell, Vice President of Finance, is a junior public relations major. As vice president of finance, Aaron is responsible for organizing fundraisers collecting member dues and keeping record of chapter finances.

Emily Sachs, Assistant Vice President of Finance, is a sophomore public relations major. As assistant Vice President, Emily assists Aaron in all fundraisers and collecting chapter dues. She communicates directly with members about the impact of finances on the chapter.


McKenzie Magnus,  Director of Creative, is a senior public relations and advertising major with minors in graphic communications technology and information systems. She creates flyers for all PRSSA-SE events and designs our t-shirts. She recently interned with United Way of SEMO, Concordia Plan Services and the Missouri and Illinois Area American


Sydney Rodgers, Vice President of Communication, is a senior public relations major  and has a minor in Spanish. As Vice President of Communication, Sydney is responsible for creating news releases of chapter activities, managing social media, creating promotional materials for events, and updating the website. She is also works for the Southeast Arrow newspaper as the marketing manager.

Haley Yancy, Associate Vice President of Communication, is a senior public relations major. As Associate Vice President of Communications, Haley is responsible for assisting in communicating the plans and duties of the Executive Board to general members.


Tressa Robbins, professional adviser, is currently the Vice President of Implementation at BurrellesLuce as well as a Board member for the Public Relations Society of America – St. Louis Chapter (and past president), and was 2015 PRSA Midwest District Conference Chair. Tressa has years of diversified experience in the world of business, communications, and public relations as well as having previously served on the Marketing/PR Committee for Fair Saint Louis (one of the nation’s largest 4th of July celebrations) for several years. She speaks at local, regional and national PR-related events, and is a frequent—and widely followed—blogger for Fresh Ideas, the Burrelles Luce blog, and guest contributor to myriad other blogs.


Dr. Susan Gonders, academic adviser, is Professor of Public Relations at Southeast Missouri State University and Coordinator of the Public Relations Society of America Global Program in Academic Certification in Education for Public Relations (CEPR). Dr. Gonders considers public relations on an international level an interest of hers. Through her work with CEPR, she has traveled to places such as Europe, Latin America and Asia, and reviewed academic programs that are in consideration for CEPR accreditation.