Month: April 2016

Member Spotlight: Whitney Welker


  1. What has been one of your favorite experiences with PRSSA-SE? 

One of my favorite experiences with PRSSA-SE has been attending Career Development Day. Being able to listen and interact with professionals helped me better prepare myself for my future career and learn how to market myself.

2. What skills and knowledge have you gained through PRSSA-SE that you can apply towards your professional life? 

Through PRSSA-SE I was able to pitch in front of professionals and gain valuable feedback on what tactics to implement in my pitching format in order to achieve a higher success rate.

Also, networking in general. Being a member of PRSSA-SE has connected me with so many alumni that I can refer to when searching for jobs.

3. What are your career goals? And how has PRSSA=SE helped to prepare you for those goals? 

I am pursuing a career in the agriculture field, and hope to become Director of Communications at a large agriculture company. PRSSA-SE has helped me by connecting me with people in the field. I already have a background in agriculture, but knowing people in the communications field can help direct me in the right path to obtain the career that I dream of.

Fun Questions: 

Favorite Food? 

Any and every kind of food.

Favorite Movie? 

The Wedding Date

Favorite Sports Team? 

St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite College Moment? 

When I met Lauren Dumey


Playing sports

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