Three Things Every College Student Should Do to Prepare Themselves for Their Career

Jacueline Neil, Creator Director
Jacueline Neil, Creator Director

In this executive member blog, Jacqueline Neil, Creative Director, reflects on her experiences thus far, and imparts advice on emerging public relations students.

Pretty soon I will dive into the dephs of my career;  beginning with a job search. This is my senior year of college and perhaps the most nerve-wracking thing, other than graduating, is landing my first job in public relations. I have had my fair share of internships. Fortunately, with each experience I have developed these “take-aways” that have helped prepare me for life after graduation.

  1. Meet people.

You are never too young to start networking. The business of a college campus is what makes it easy to network. There are thousands of people that live both on and off campus, which means there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. The greatest factor to contribute to success is to ask for help. When you ask for help and are willing to take it people will help you network. For your next group project, work with someone you don’t know. Sometimes the relationships you make in college will last a lifetime. It’s easy to cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network. Build that network and nurture it.


  1. Get experience.10675566_1053587351337568_4733644080317103609_n

Landing a job might not always be about who you know; instead it might be about who knows you and what they know about you. The only thing more impressive than knowing what you’re capable of doing is having solid experience. Do not simply put something on your resume because it sounds good. You need to be able to share stories about your experiences.  


  1. Clean out social media.

We are a generation that has grown up on technology. We’ve lived behind a screen because we use social media platforms heavily. It’s tempting to post something inappropriate because in the moment it will seem cool. Wrong. Employers will check what you post online. Instead, use your Twitter and Instagram to your advantage. Let your personality shine through your online presence! Engage yourself in a #TwitterChat and meet people. Social media is so powerful and connects everyone in a way that could not be illustrated.


If you follow these three steps, then you have already rewarded yourself. You’ve worked hard, you’re going to keep working hard. And I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous career.

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