Living the Dream at 21 — Kelly Forhan

In this executive blog, Kelly Forhan, who is the PRSSA-SE Director of Membership, gives us a glimpse into what it was like to be invited to work at the CMA fest and how PRSSA-SE helped her land the opportunity.

Kelly Forhan (far right) at CMA fest, along with other members of PRSSA-SE last summer.

All throughout my college experience I was told to join PRSSA. If I remember anything from freshman or sophomore year, it was Dr. Gonders saying, “If you want a job join PRSSA!” I finally had the opportunity to join Spring Semester of my junior year. As soon as I joined I had the opportunity to attend the regional conference, NASHvantage. I never would have thought that by attending that conference I would have had the opportunity to work the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this past summer.

My dream has always been to work public relations for the entertainment industry. If you were to ask me when I first came to Southeast if I would be living my dream by the time I was 21 I would have told you that you’re crazy! I was able to get real life experience and a look into what goes into throwing a huge nationwide televised event in just four short days.

During the CMA Festival I was apart of the Fun Team. Our tasks were to assemble and hand out promotional items from all the sponsors. With the CMAs being a non-profit organization, they heavily rely on sponsors, so handing out their promotional items to fans was a huge part of the event. We had to strategically find ways to hand out the items people didn’t necessarily want, with the items everyone was dying to have.

I could not be more grateful for the opportunity I was given because of joining PRSSA and the connections I made while attending conference and working the CMA Festival.

If it hadn’t been for PRSSA I would have never been able to say that I lived my dream at 21.

-Kelly Forhan

Director of Membership, PRSSA-SE

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