In Studio with Samantha Blevins

In this general member blog, we delve into senior PRSSA member Samantha Blevins’ once in a lifetime, summer intern experience.

Hi All!

Sami in Studio
PRSSA member, Samantha Blevins, on set of the Maury Talk Show.

I’m Samantha Blevins, I am a senior Public Relations Major with a Minor in Sports Management and this is my third year in PRSSA! This summer I was able to be a part of NBCUniversal’ s Campus 2 Career internship program and worked a long side the productions team at The Maury Show in Stamford, Connecticut! This program is one of the top ten internship programs in the world and it still amazes me that I was a part of it! Working for NBCU was incredible to say the least! Being invited to corporate events at 30 Rock, having the chance to hear Andy Cohen and Steve Burke (CEO of NBCU) at the intern speaker series were just some of the perks that came with having this internship. However it wasn’t all fun and games… well it was fun, just a lot of work.

Working in production was nothing I expected, but it was everything I loved and more!

One truly has no idea the amount of work that actually goes into producing a show and all the communication that is needed to help make it work. Our jobs as interns were to answer phone calls on a daily basis to potential guest calling to tell us their stories and why they would like to be on the show. Now I worked personally with these guests and I’ll proudly be the one to tell you that everything on that show is REAL. We would write down all their information and pass it onto the producers of the show, from there they interview and pick that best guests.

Sami with friends
Blevins with several of her fellow interns.

During taping we were either a “Prep Day intern” or a “Show Day intern” and those days were the most entertaining and best part of the job! On prep day we would pick the guest up from the airport, they would arrive to the office and then the hair, make- up, and dentistry start for the B-Roll that had to be filmed. Yes, the show pays for air fare, hair, make-up and the dentist. After that we run them through wardrobe and then legal, it may not sound like a lot but it is when you have to do that for twelve individual people. For show days they start at the crack of dawn and feel never ending. We start hair and make-up again then prepare them for the show. We explain to them some things that are going to take place and then pump them up to get them going, then boom the cameras start rolling. They would shoot 3 shows a day with 3 separate segments on each show.

Besides production though I was also able to participate in a summer concert series in Stamford called “Alive @ 5!” which were concerts held every Thursday night in the middle of downtown! They included performers from Andy Grammer to Shaggy to Sister Hazel! At that event we would set up the NBCU tent up and hand out koozies, sunglasses, etc with NBCU logos as well as promote shows that tape at the Stamford Media Center!

Sami Blevins outside BuildingThis internship though wasn’t all daisies and roses though. It consisted of a six hour commute, yes that is three hours ONE WAY and it was expensive to say that least, but this internship was worth every mile walked and every dollar spent on subways. I do think it is something everyone should get to experience in life once is living in a different city or area. It truly helps you grow as a person and find new things in life. I cannot wait to return for the spring semester and to experience all the entertainment world has to offer!

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